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Prediction, Foreshadowing, and Conclusion
In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, many hints of foreshadowing are given. One of which happens in the very beginning of the book when George Orwell states, “It was partly the unusual geography of the room that had suggested to him the thing that he was now about to do. But it had been suggested by the book that he had just taken out of the drawer” (6). Earlier in the chapter, the book described with a red back. The color red symbolizes danger and is a sign of a rebel. The fact that the red part of the book is the back, suggests a rebel without a cause. From these clues, I predicted that the book will influence Winston into doing prohibited actions and activities, eventually causing him to become a rebel. Another example of foreshadowing is when Mr. Charrington teaches Winston the ending of an old rhyme that went, “… Here comes a candle to light you to bed, Here comes a chopper to chop off your head” (98). Winston believes that people’s memories is the only truth that still exists, thus he is strongly attracted to this old quote. A candle is bright, it makes people and objects visible when there is no other light. However, in this rhyme, the candle is leading the person to bed, in which one sleeps, and whose mind and feelings shut down. Once the candle has set up the person, the chopper will come and make the person go to sleep, forever. Thus, I predicted that this rhyme is representative of Winston’s arrest or death. The last place where I saw that George Orwell gives hints of foreshadowing is when Julia outlines the route that Winston has to follow to get where she said to meet her. Orwell describes Julia’s directions “With a sort of military precision that astonished him…” (1115). By comparing Julia’s directions to that of military troops’, Orwell implies that they are extremely detailed and known to her by heart. Another clue that is given that indicates how Julia has gone to that spot many times before is when she tells Winston, “I’ll get there by another way” (116). At this moment, I predicted that Julia is leading Winston into some sort of trap or prison, and is part of the Thought Police, which is why she has gone to the spot so many times before. In my opinion, the conclusion of the novel was completely unexpected. I thought that Winston was going to rebel with the Brotherhood against the Party, changing enough people’s minds back to the way they should be, according to the Brotherhood. I thought that eventually, the Party was going to give up and life in Oceania would be free minded and free spirited, the way the members of the Brotherhood lived their lives. The ending was dissatisfying to me because throughout the novel, George Orwell used Winston’s memories to create an attraction to Winston. Winston’s memories made me feel sympathy for him, thus I was disappointed when he supposedly dies at the end. In my opinion, Winston uses doublethink to get himself out of trouble and danger by making O’Brien think he loves Big Brother, when in reality he still, secretly, hates him.

Vocabulary in Context
a.“It was a wild, impossible notion, to be abandoned as soon as thought of; but the room had awakened in him a sort of nostalgia, a sort of ancestral memory” (96). b.A wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life, to one's home or homeland, or to one's family and friends; a sentimental desire for the happiness of a former place or time. c.Nostalgia is used to describe how or what Winston feels when he is in the room. It is the buildup to Winston’s thoughts and memories, which set a sentimental, yet joyful mood. 2.Two Minutes Hate

a.“During the Two Minutes Hate she always excelled all others in shouting insults at Goldstein” (153). b.Daily telescreen specials in which various elements of crimethink were packaged into a parade of horrible images and sounds, at which, the viewers were expected to boo, hiss,...
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