1920 Prosperity

Topics: Ku Klux Klan, Roaring Twenties, Southern United States Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: May 2, 2015
The 1920s - Prosperous Age

The economy of America picked up during the postwar until the end of of the 20s, where the depression started to kick in. However a result of this economic boom, certain groups of people in America benefitted and prospered while others missed out. The advancement of technology during this decade has led to the prosperity of the rich, such as businessmen. The vast improvement of equipment gave a huge boost to many manufacturing company as it enabled them to produce better products efficiently. The automobile industry owned by Henry Ford for example, installed an assembly line, which caused the company to increase it's output in an efficient way. Due to the latest technology used in manufacturing, products were often priced highly which is why mostly rich groups such as landlords were able to afford the new products. The improvement of the economy in the 1920s links to the increased advertisement of various new products in the market. Consumers were bombarded with features of the new products, which worked in their favour which is why Americans were eager to own the latest products, thus the increase in consumerism. Filmmaking during the 20s also prospered to the extent where they were able to attract audiences, as well as their money. Prior the 1920s, filmmakers realised that audiences wanted to identify themselves with the "heroes" and "heroins". This led to the production of more adventure and romance movies, increasing the amount of audience worshipping heroic characters. The introduction of the "talkies" was an important technical development in movie making. WIth the success of the film "The Jazz Singer", the days of the silent films were over. Placing money aside, freedom was also another aspect that certain people in the 20s benefitted from. Younger women in the southern areas of America enjoyed the new freedom of driving cars, motorcycles, smoking in public and many more. They were referred to as the "The Flappers". On a...

References: Joyce Swinton, 1996, "USA 1919-1945 THE RISE TO WORLD LEADERSHIP", Publisher: Longman, Place: Melbourne, Australia
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