1920 history

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In 19020’s was a decade of profound social change between rural and urban life American, traditional and “ Modern” Christianity, participants in the prosper consumer culture and those who did not full share in the modern society. Many American did not welcome this new era of commercial culture. These groups of people resented and feared the ethnic and racial diversity of American’s cities and what they considered a lack of moral standards of urban life.

These changes affect the cities, economic and technological changes, and communication. Changes occurred in the cities because many people immigrated from farms and small towns to the cities. There were more people in the cities than in rural places. Many of these people headed to the southern California, whose rapidly growing economic needs labor.

This new society also included a great advanced on technology and new modern way to advertise consumer products that appealed and meet Americans’ psychological desired and needs. Some of these modern advances in technology are telephones which made communication better, automobiles that helped with transportation, radios and movies that helped spread mass cultures throughout the nation.

In 1920’s culture changes includes nightclubs that sold liquor in violation of prohibition which lead to large profits for the owners of this illegal speakeasies and the “ bootleggers”. Consumers ordered a cup of tea, but the teacup was empty. There was a guy that filled the cup of tea with vodka. Police official accepted bribes to tum a bind eye to violations of the law.

Another change in culture included modern literature that included modern language, poems and writings.“ The Lost generations” of cultural exiles included novelist and poets like F. Scott Fitzgerald whose writing style included symbolism that usually had a dark side behind the story or writing immigrated to Paris where he felt valued art and culture and appreciated, he also experienced freedom of...
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