1920's Tension

Topics: English-language films, World War II, Liberalism Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Going back into the American life after World War I was one of the most detrimental decades in all of the US History. After the war there were many different situations going on in America, women started to move up from a house wife to becoming a worker or more. The racism that started to build up got really bad towards different people of certain race. Many people got hit really hard on whether to stay on the traditional path of life, or to go on with life in the modern times. Women were more impacted after World War I, their attitudes and style of dressing started to change rapidly. They started to gain courage to question whether or not they were equal to men or not, and their squirts started to get very low cut. Women even began to wonder why they did not have the right to vote, in doing so there were many marches where women wanted the right to vote. Many of the people that reverted to the modern way of life also backed the women that wanted to vote. Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of women that still stayed in the traditional life, but that were shocked none the less in the drastic changes. As people went into the modern life, they started to move into the big city, and moving into the big city meant doing big city activities. Drinking, gambling, and casually dating people started to spread like a raging wildfire. The people who were still in the traditional way of life saw this as wrong so they decided to make the Prohibition Act, which stopped the production and sale of alcoholic beverages. Passing this act did not stop people from making and selling bootleg liquor.
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