1920's Good or Bad?

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July 15th , 2010
1920s Good Times or Bad Times?

For many decades, there were numerous arguments stating whether the “Roaring 20s” were good times or bad times in Canadian history. Although there were many clear reasons that supported both sides of the argument, I believe that the 1920s were good times. The “Roaring 20s” were times of economic and social boom. New inventions which are still effective part of our lives in 21st century, growing power of multimedia and entertainment, and modern form of industrial revolution with mass production all originated from 1920s. Moreover, the entrepreneurs and industrializing businesses especially in the central Canada or in the cities were successful. Lastly, stock market was rising gradually until the very late 1920s, until it collapsed. The 1920s were surely the golden era of Canadian history.

First of all, great inventions and discoveries were made during 1920s. These fascinating discoveries and inventions had made significant impacts and brought changes in people’s everyday lives. Some of the essential items that we use every day were inventions made in the 1920s, such as vacuums and dishwashers. The three major discoveries and inventions that I believe were the greatest out of all which still are being used today are insulin, private automobiles, and radio. Insulin was the first effective medical treatment towards diabetes. Diabetes was one of the major diseases that had killed many people around the world during 1920s. Proper and effective treatments towards diabetes were needed as soon as possible. In 1921 at University of Toronto’s labratory, Dr. Fredrick Banting with help of his co-leagues and students succeeded isolating insulin which is a hormone from the dog. Banting’s idea was to inject the isolated insulin to the patient’s body since the reason diabetes is being caused is because of the scarcity of the insulin in one’s body. The results of insulin were astonishing! Banting and his colleagues had successfully created new treatment for diabetes. Fredrick Banting was therefore rewarded with highest praise, the Nobel Prize in physiology, and became the first Canadian to ever receive the Nobel Prize in physiology. Insulin is still the best medicine available towards diabetes in modern days.

Private automobiles, such as Model T was produced in large quantities by mass production which was caused by modern industrial revolution during 1920s. The method of assembly line made this mass production possible. With private automobiles, distant families could easily connect with each other. Private automobiles had have brought new era of transportation system. In addition, the price of the private automobiles was reasonable. Therefore every average Canadian family had enough money to afford an automobile if they wanted to. The cars, highways, traffic lights, and so on that we see every day had originated from the 1920s.

The invention of the radio was fascinating. It allowed people to connect with the world even in remote regions, allowed important messages to be set out to big population in short amount of time, and lastly made the gap between the cities and the countryside smaller. Radio was the tool that allowed people in remote regions, such as farmers to be connected to the world, issues, and so on. It has helped many Canadians to be less isolated and lonely. Radio also marked the beginning of the mass media revolution. It was the radio which influenced televisions, computers, and phones, and so on to be created. All of these great discoveries and inventions I have mentioned were created in 1920s, and they are still very effective part of our lives in modern days. 1920s surely was a very productive decade and was essential towards the development of the World including Canada.

The 1920s were the starting point of the Mass Media Revolution. Mass media brought fashion trends, music, games, etc. along with them. Canadians were still in despair and in...
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