190040417 It 242 Week 6 Router And Switch Configuration

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It 242 Week 6 Router and Switch Configuration
November 4, 2013

When installing a switch you want to figure out where to put the switch first, then you will want to decide whether you are going to use an internal AC power supply or by connecting the Cisco 600W AC RPS which is optional to the RPS connector on the switch. You are then going to want to use the Command Line Interface to configure the switch. The console port on the back can be connected to a management station. This is normally a PC or you can use a modem with a supplied RJ-45-to-RJ-45 rollover console cable and the appropriate adapter. A new switch comes with no password installed. A password has to be installed in order to access the configuration or switch management interfaces. If you don’t put a password on it, you can’t access the configuration until the switch joins a cluster or you install a password. A switch does not need an IP, you can just plug in your devices and they will automatically connect to the Internet. The IP address allows you to manage the switch the configuration with different VLANs and other network functions. To configure the switch you will need to use the CLI, which is the exec command interpreter. Using the CLI you will need to know all the commands that are available. From this you can change the IP address, change the password, add a secure password, give the switch a name, you can turn logging on and off, you can also manage the network using the CLI. The User Interface Console is basically the main screen of the switch. This tells you about the switch and gives you several different options that you can perform. By typing M you will access all the menus that are available. By typing K you can access the CLI and make changes to the switch as far as networking goes. Typing I will show you the current IP configuration. Typing P will let you change your...
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