19 Minutes: “Josie Cormier’s Way of Life”

Topics: Bullying, Friendship, 2000s American television series Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: December 3, 2011
Eric Maier
3rd hour Pop Lit
“Josie Cormier’s Way of Life”
Philosophy: Josie believes that she constantly has to battle with everyone to try and fit in and feels as though she is still not accepted. She never was sure about who she was, and could not act the way she wanted to with her new group of friends without her fear of their criticism.

Josie Cormier and Peter Houghton were the ideal best friends growing up. The two of them were almost always together. The two of them never really had any other friends but the both did not feel they need to have anyone else because Josie and Peter completed each other. Josie defended Peter from the bullies at school because she knew he wasn’t strong enough to do it himself. She disliked the bullies for how they treated Peter because he was not one of them, but eventually Josie became the exact person that she told herself she never wanted to be, or was she this person at all?

Josie was accepted into the popular clique of people in her school and with this inheritance of popularity was the leaving behind of her best friend Peter. Josie had this desire inside her that would never go away, the desire to be wanted my others and to fit in. Once Josie felt that others wanted her she forgot about Peter and all the good times that they had. After a few years of Josie finally fitting in, she was considered to be one of the most popular girls in school along with one of the best looking girls in school as well. With these new attributes came Matt Royston, the star hockey player who became Josie’s boyfriend. Josie never seemed truly happy with her relationship with Matt. It seem as though she kept him around just to keep her image with her popular friends. She suffered from abuse from him because he would get angry at her very easily. He also got her pregnant and didn’t seem to care all that much and failed to realize the importance of the news. She was so afraid that if she had one minor slip up that her friends...
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