18th Century

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Cotton / Pages: 8 (1790 words) / Published: Feb 9th, 2017
From the beginning of time of the United States, man has always dealt with serious issues dealing with daily life struggles and lack of inefficiency for producing of certain items, leading to a better enlightenment of living and the beginning of the making of a nation made up of immigrants. Since the 18th century, the United States has funded dreams to come true for fleeing immigrants from socio-economic problems since the innovation of many brilliant inventors have come to play, to provide jobs for many at an easy cause effort. Many innovators such as Samuel F.B Morse, Eli Whitney, and James Watt who have engulfed the old agricultural world and modified it into a more industrial carefree environment for all in the United States making the …show more content…
Some struggles had to be overcome though, since is the beginning of something new and it's all based on an idea or theory. Before the 18th century, it was a very tough and squalid way of living where everything was done by hand and took almost years to accomplish small baby steps, since their wasn’t any new modern technology for easy and better accessible ways to cause easy and fast labor, communication, trade etc. The fundamental groundwork of the idea was there, but the ways planned to complete those accesses, wasted too much time of inefficient product making or producing, and was just nearly a hardworking era that wasted too much time for very little …show more content…
Invented by Eli Whitney, an ingenious inventor from Westborough, Massachusetts, where starting at a young age he would start using his hands for building whatever he could set his mind to. Since his father owned a workshop, he could basically build anything. Seeing for his own how a plantation worked and the work labor that most black put forth to come up with not a lot of product, Whitney was determined to find an alternative for faster production. Whitney being the skilled craftsman he was, he quickly came up with the first working Cotton Gin in 1793, which was a “revolving crank that caused a cylinder cover with wired teeth to revolve, the teeth pulled the cotton fiber, carrying it through slots in in the cylinder as it revolved. Slots were too small for seeds to go in”(Benson). Causing for almost the most production to increase in the cotton industry and have more trade with Textile companies, causing the sellers of cotton to make more money and slaves had to do less by hand and produce cotton quota needed without a lot of time used. Which although it would be a successful invention and a perfect money maker for the plantation owners, the slaves, although their job was easier to accomplish, they were the only race who didn't

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