18th Century Beauty

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The definition of beauty changes rapidly with no trends, fascinations, and cultural adaptations. However, there is always a connection between each adaptation made, and the current world (or cultural) view of beauty. When comparing the three portraits from the 18th century you will notice that Burke’s definition of beauty is prominent. For example, you will see that the woman is the center of your focus; she is the object which is displayed clearly. Also, the idea of roundness, and a bare neck and chest is prominent. If you examine each of their chests you will see that their collarbones are not protruding, and coupled with their round faces it is clear to assume that extra weight makes a person more beautiful. This is likely because …show more content…
First is the expression on the young woman’s face; her eyes are fierce and stare into the camera boldly. This captures the change of women as an object meant only to please, into women as strong and independent human beings. Women have come along way over time, and the average woman does not want undue attention from men. Her face also catches the viewer’s attention because she has conservative, yet dark makeup, and a lip piercing. She does not demand attention, but she catches attention because she is full of confidence, whereas the women in the portraits looked away, almost as if they wanted to be coy and catch a glance from a lover. Beauty is seen in different aspects of the young Oxford girl. Some may say her hair is beautiful because it is a unique shade of amber, or her makeup because it is simple, or her piercing because it stands out, or her close because they are stylish. These aspects of beauty are unique to everyone and this girl may choose to play on one of these aspects to display a certain image. For example, the beauty of the piercing may be in its rebellious nature, or she may choose to leave her hair natural to honour her individuality. Regardless of the times, women tend to follow particular trends of beauty for that time period, but even more so now, women display their individuality through expanding those trends, or

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