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Topics: Employment, Working class, Cookie Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: February 15, 2015
Trizhia Michaella C. Matutinao
February 12, 2015


The Lew-Mark baking company has been the largest franchise in a small town in New York. The company employs 200 people, mainly blue-collar workers. They only have one product which is soft cookies that has over 50 varieties. These cookies are known for not having additives or preservatives. The high quality the cookies offer has enabled the company to develop a strong market niche for its products.

1. Briefly describe the cookie production process.

The cookie production is called a batch processing system. It begins as soon as management gets orders from distributors. These orders are used to schedule the production. Each shift a list of the cookies to be made that day is delivered to the person in charge of mixing. That person checks the market list which indicates the ingredients needed for each type of cookies. That information is entered into the computer. Then computer determines the amount of each ingredient needed according to the qua­­ntity of cookies ordered. The ingredients are automatically sent to giant mixing machine where the ingredients are combined with proper amounts of egg, water, and flavourings. The ingredients have been mixed; the batter is poured into cutting machines where it is cut into individual cookies. The cookies are then dropped onto conveyor belt and transported through one of two ovens. Filled cookies such as apple, date, and raspberry, require an additional step for filling and folding. The non-filled cookies are cut on a diagonal rather than round. As the cookies emerge from the oven then are fed on to spiral cooling racks 20 feet high and 3 feet wide. The cookies come off the cooling racks; workers place the cookies into boxes manually, removing any broken or deformed cookies in the process. These boxes are then wrapped, sealed and labeled automatically. This process shows that systematic way of the company of processing their quality...
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