1800s North and South

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The Antebellum period occurred in the United States just before the Civil War. The United States was becoming a successful nation.  The country lead in cotton producing and had developed several industries, which in the future, surpasses that of European nations. Prior to the Civil War, the North and South had many differences that helped shape the antebellum period.

The north was very successful because the economy was based on manufacturing. The north could not have farms because the soil was rocky and the climate was mostly cold. There would be huge towns with factories everywhere. In these factories workers, mostly young women, worked on making textiles or clothing. Due to these factories, the north could trade with other nations and long distances using there advanced railroads, canals, and steamboats. The north favored tariffs because they would get profit, unlike the south. The north gave many opportunities for jobs; this caused many immigrants to settle here. The thing that made the north more advanced than the south was that they were more open to new gears. For example, they were open to culture, art, and education.

On the other hand, the south had an economy that did not exceed because it was centered on agriculture. The south had very fertile soil with a good delightful The major crops were cotton, indigo, tobacco, rice, sugar cane, and indigo. They were grown to export them and gain profit. Unfortunately, there were tariffs that prohibited this, causing tension between the north and the south. One major problem between the north and the south was that the north opposed slavery, while the south favored it. The south wanted slavery because they needed them for labor, especially after the invention of the cotton gin. The south had a weak economy, due to the fact, that plantations were so far apart that they were self-reliant. To conclude, the north and south had many differences on everything because of the resources they were limited to obtain....
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