17 Years Later

Topics: High school, Future, Special school Pages: 2 (875 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Ashley Hellerstedt
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17 Years Later
I am currently 18 years of age, the age that most youth look forward to and believe it will be the best thing in the world to be considered an “adult.” Considering that most teens like to live in the “right here, right now” moment, little do they realize 18 does not mean much, there is an entire future for them to think about. 18 is just a reminder that, as much as we may not want to, we are getting older meaning its time to start planning our futures.

In 17 years I will be 35. I do not like the taste of that statement rolling off of my tongue but still, it is the truth. 35 is an age that a lot of people see as the “oh my goodness I’m almost 40” age. But again, we all have to grow sometime. Currently I am a senior in high school and I graduate in about a month thank goodness. I have completely checked out of school along with all the other seniors. Although I may be slacking a little now, I do think about my future a lot. I will be moving into my apartment in downtown Fredericksburg the day after graduation and will be attending Germanna community college in the fall. I plan to study at Germanna for only two years then transfer to a university. There, I plan to prosper and major in special education. At the age of 22 I hope to have a job working with families with special needs children. I love interacting with special needs kids. I believe they are extraordinary people who just need help being found. I want to be that help. Within the ages of 27 and 30 I plan to marry a military man. Considering I come from a long line of military men it only seems natural to carry on the tradition. 5 years later give or take, I will be at the age 35. At this point I will probably be telling myself that I’m ready to stop getting older and never turn 40. But we all know that’s not possible. I plan to still be happily married living in Florida with two kids. I will still be working with special needs children and...
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