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Unit 4: Industrialization of the United States
(1865 – 1914)
• During the late 19th and early 20th century the
US continues to build industry while it also
continues its expansion westward.

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Ch. 9 Quick Review
• What factors encouraged Industrial Growth in
the late 1800s?
• What role did the government have during the
rise of Big Business? Why?
• Why did labor unions begin to develop?

Ch. 10 Immigration and Urbanization
1865- 1914
Industrial Growth in the United States creates job
opportunities, prompting many Europeans to move to the
cities of the United States in search of a better life.

S1: The New Immigrants
• Foreign-born population of the US nearly
doubled between 1870 – 1900
– The majority are coming from Europe

• Effect: Immigrants adopt parts of American
culture, and Americans adopt parts of
immigrant culture.
– Nickname for the US = Melting Pot

Quick Discussion
• In what ways is the United States like a giant
Melting Pot?

Why did immigrants come to the US?
• Push Factors
– Economic Difficulties, Wars and Political
Revolutions, and Religious Persecution

• Pull Factors
– Available Land and Employment, Economic
Opportunity, Religious and Political Freedom
* Despite opposition from those who looked down
on them, immigrants fueled industrial growth,
became citizens, and made their traditions a part
of American culture.

S2: Cities Expand and Change
• In the late 19th century, America experienced
– Many people left rural areas to live in the city and
find employment.
Urban =
to City L

Technology Improves City Life
• Examples
– Electric Cable Cars and Subways improve
– Skyscrapers allow for more office space.

Problems of Urban Living

Overcrowding in Poorer Neighborhoods
Poor Housing Conditions
Dirty Cities = Health Concerns
Greater Risk of Fires and Crime

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Quick Discussion
• If you had lived during the late 1800s, do you
think you would have remained in rural Bertie
County, or would you have migrated to a
bigger city?

S3: Social and Cultural Trends
• The middle-class lifestyle (shopping, sports,
popular magazines and newspapers) helped to
develop a more commonly shared American
– Mass Culture: Americans across the country are
seeking to buy the same things, like shared
clothing styles.

New Forms of Popular Entertainment in the
• Amusement Park
– 1st Roller Coaster in NY City

• Wild West Show Tours America
and Europe
• Movie Theatres
• Spectator Sports
– Baseball, Horse Racing, Bicycle
Racing, Boxing, Football

Quick Discussion
• Why do you think these new forms of
entertainment (movie theatres, amusement
parks, baseball) developed after industrial
growth caused many to migrate to the cities?

Ch. 10 Immigration and Urbanization Quick
• What was the motivation for ‘New
Immigrants’ to come to the US in the late 19th
• What is urbanization and why did it take place
during this time?
• What kind of cultural changes took place in
the late 1800s and early 1900s?

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