15 Things About Me

Topics: Comedy, Humour, Truth Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: December 10, 2012
When asked to write about 15 things in my life that are important to me many values come to mind such as home, work, myself, a significant other, and this world we live in. there is obviously much more than 15 things that are important to me in my life so I will just give you brief explanations of each subjects. Home

Three of the most important thing to me in my home environment would have to be my family, friends, and my town as a whole. My family is very important to me due to the fact without them I would have nothing, They keep me motivated and focused on my priority’s. My friends are very important too I consider all my friends brothers we all have each other’s backs, and I can trust them with anything. Finally my town is important to me because every one in my town is friendly and social which I feel is a great place to grow up. Not to mention there’s a ton of things to do for entertainment. Work

I am currently employed as a delivery driver at a rotisserie chicken & rib restaurant. Three important things to me in my working environment would be neatness, flexibility, and social aspect. Neatness is important to me so that way I can read addresses, food is prepared right, and no orders are messed up. This can be very frustrating and a waste of gas money if everything is not right. My job is very flexible if I can’t work all I have to do is find some one to cover me who knows the area well which is not hard to do. Finally the social aspect is fun talking to new and old customers its fun meeting people also my every one at my job is friendly so when its slow we all just sit around and talk. Personal Development

For the three important things for personal development I will just discuss the quality’s I like about my self. Which is Funny, entertaining, and social. Well people tell me I’m hilarious so ill just leave it at that I’m very entertaining due to if I’m not doing something that involves work or school everyone knows I’m doing something fun. Both of...
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