1492 conquest of paradise

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Spain, Isabella I of Castile Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: April 3, 2014

There was a time, when the new world didn't exist, no one went pass the ocean, and the land beyond was completely unknown. This was around the year 1492. At this point Christopher Columbus was a well establish adventurer and sailor, who was very well known. He had always said he wanted to travel the world, beginning in France. Columbus also believed that the world was round. He had two sons who was play a significant role in his ventures, Diageo being the oldest, and Fernando the youngest. Word had gotten out on what Columbus was planning to do, as a result, The University of Salamanca agreed to meet him in a week in regards to his exploration. The way in which Columbus said he would accomplish this was by sailing west by sea. However, the university thought this was an unobtainable goal because the distance was unknown and they thought it was infinite. The University of Salamanca thought the ocean was uncrossable, and considered him crazy to assume that the ocean was only 75 leagues.

Fortunately for Columbus he meets a sea captain by the name of Pinzon who had connections to the Queen of Granada. He tells Columbus that he can set up a meeting with Queen Isabella in their efforts to try to get her to approve it and be the finical provider for the project. The queen is extremely interested in their proposal and offers Columbus a contract. The contract being that he will be governor of the land he finds, also that he will keep 10% of all the profits found. The profits ranged from Jewelry, money, and everything within his jurisdiction. Columbus didnt agree with the trade therefor declined it. As a result of the queens extreme interest in the project, she requested they call him back and gives him whatever he wants.

A few weeks later, Columbus was set to take sale. Columbus took the sea with three ships in total. His plan was to continue on a twenty eight parallel line until they reach land. Unknowingly by the sailors,...
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