13 Reasons Why: Story

Topics: Truth, Suicide, Tape Pages: 3 (1194 words) Published: January 11, 2011
Hanna’s and Clays dual narrative enhance goes by they tell each point of view in the story because its like he is not talking to anyone but himself and his conscious, it would’ve probably been the same way because that’s probably what most of them thought. If it was Tony he was going to think the same. I don’t think her reasons are of equal importance some people are on the list for playful reasons. The main one I found unexpected was when Bryan walker molested her. I think all thirteen reasons are responsible that’s why they all have tapes and I think she committed suicide to get away from her problems. I think that’s creepy because you visualize her being there and that would creep me out but then you would tend to feel exactly what she felt as she was their so you experience her inside life. The tape is different from the impression of a suicide note because when you get to hear a voice you know exactly how their feeling. She recorded and left the tapes for the rest to hear them and remember that day for the rest of their lives. Yes because that’s what people use today, tapes are old. When she says that she means that there are other peoples point of view in the story and she tells what happens and what she thinks about it. If she listened to it she probably wouldn’t be dead because they would have discussed about it first. She thought that if she moved place to place the rumors would be left behind. A rumor is something going around as gossip known as "not true" they say that she has "things" in her dresser. No one isn’t powerful then the other were all the same, rumors can’t be positive. Yes it does because rumors are just lies. The different perspectives of how her story plays out is like they didn’t know that what they do and how they act contributes to others. What she means by "pushing it" is that every time something happens to her it takes her deeper and deeper each time till she feels like killing herself. All of the thirteen reasons pushed her...
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