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1. Plot: Exposition: The story begins when Clay Jensen is going home from school and finds a package at his front door from an anonymous sender. When he opens the package there is a shoebox inside are seven cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker. Hannah Baker was his classmate who he had a crush who committed suicide by taking pills. The tapes were mailed to one classmate involved who then had to pass it down to other classmates involved as well like a chain letter. On the tapes Hannah tells every person how they were a part of her death by giving then thirteen reasons why she took her life. Clay discovers that if the tapes do not get sent out to everyone a second set will be leaked to each and everyone in the school. The main conflict is that all the tapes are changing each and every person’s life.

2. Hannah Baker is the protagonist of the book. Mean rumors were spread around school about Hannah and she tried to overcome them but they got the best of her. She tried her best to get help and to change her mind about her wanting to commit suicide. But because nobody tried to help her change her negative outlook she took her own life. Many people were at fault for her suicide.

3. Clay Jensen is the antagonist of the book. We view the story in Clay’s perspective and how he felt when hearing the tapes. Even though he shared empathy for Hannah Baker. For example he felt feared that something he did was one of the thirteen reasons. But, Hannah says she doesn’t blame him for her suicide. But he still feels that he was at fault because he didn’t do anything to stop the rumors to get in the way of their relationship.

4. A universal theme in Thirteen Reasons Why is “you never really know how much impact you have on someone’s life until it’s too late.” This theme is shown in several ways throughout the whole book. First, everyone realizes what they had to do with her death and why because of the cassette tapes. Everyone felt regret and remorse because of...
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