13 Going on 30 Movie Reveiw

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Brittany Webb
English 1101-8
18 September 2014
Thirteen Going on Thirty Film Review
The romantic comedy, Thirteen Going on Thirty, is the ideal movie for the inner teenager in us all. With insight and humor the film sends messages about popularity, values, and being true to yourself. While watching, I found myself relating back to my high school days when I was head over heels for my crush. Overall, I loved everything about this movie and would not mind re-watching it.

Thirteen Going on Thirty was released in April of 2004. The initial box office took off at 22 million in its first weekend. It later ended with nearly 60 million at the domestic box office and became the fifth biggest DVD rental of the year (Micheal,Shayne). The film’s success granted it a re-release in 2006 allowing it to be a fun and flirty edition with a special package.

In 1987, Jenna Rink is a thirteen-year-old in her awkward stage of life. She allows popular girls to push her around because she has longed to be just like them. She invites them over for her birthday party, and they talk her into playing seven minutes in heaven. They play a dirty prank on her. Then Jenna is cruel to her only true friend, Matt, who would bend over backwards to do anything for Jenna.

Jenna's one wish is to be thirty, or in Jenna's words “thirty, flirty, and thriving.” Thirty is just what Jenna got for her birthday. She was not aware she had been sprinkled with magic dust until she wakes up in New York City and is not in her lanky teenage body anymore.

After waking up, she realizes that is now 2004, and she is in the middle of her future life. Jenna finds out that thirty is not what it is put out to be. Although, Jenna is a big time editor of the Poise magazine, has a hot, sporty boyfriend, and is rich; she realizes she has lost a lot getting there. Unfortunately, Jenna no longer keeps in touch with her family, has cheated her way to the top, and has not talked to her best friend,...

Cited: “Micheal, Shayne”. "13 Going on 30 DVD Information." The New Shayne-Micheal.COMedy. N.p., June. Web. 18 Sept. 2006. .
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