13 Envelopes

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Jennifer Alfaro
Puente English 3-4
13 Little Blue Envelopes: An Adventure
Imagine setting off on the ultimate scavenger hunt, becoming a world traveler with only a backpack, a thousand dollars, and a set of blue envelopes. Ever wondered what that’d be like? Ginny, the main character of 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson gets to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

I, as a reader well let’s just say that I like to be entertained. Romantic books, mysterious, science fiction, anything will interest me. A good plot is needed to keep me hooked to the book! 13 Little Blue Envelopes did a great job. The book is about a girl named Ginny, who is whisked off to Europe to follow her Aunt’s last journey, lead by 13 little blue envelopes. Her aunt Peg, who passed away, was always something of a free spirit. According to her aunt’s rules Ginny can only open the next envelope after she completes a task in the previous one. Lead by her Aunt’s words, Ginny travels in Peg’s footsteps, from Harrods in London to an island in Greece. With a blue envelope in hand, she finds herself doing things she never imagined doing, her aunt’s challenge helps Ginny break out of her shell.

Ginny is a likeable character. Even though she seems very quiet and shy, you have to give her credit as she is daring enough to travel to Europe by herself.

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The supporting characters were also interesting, specifically Keith and Aunt Peg. Like the book says, Aunt Peg is deceased, but somehow I felt like she was alive in the story! She’s the aunt that everyone dreams they could have. Now, Keith he was an engaging character, I really hope he is in the sequel.

My favorite part of 13 Little Blue Envelopes was all the traveling Ginny took part in. I really liked how the author described all the beautiful famous cities in Europe; it definitely had me living through Ginny. The plot and setting are probably the strongest aspects of this book. My one issue...
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