12th Night

Topics: Othello, Love, Tragedy Pages: 2 (265 words) Published: May 7, 2013
The Theme of Jealousy in Othello by William
Othello is a unique tragedy in that it focuses
on the destruction of love through sexual
jealousy. Jealousy is not inherited in a
person, but developed from the fatal factors
of their
character. Othello is plagued with his ego
and pride which contributes to his demise.
Othello is,
however, a truly romantic character because
he is very passionate and full of deep
feelings. It keeps
a person wondering what could have
possibly brought the sweet Desdemona to be
his wife. Was it
because he has lived a life of adventure and
war and he is somewhat exotic due to his
origins and
dark complexion? On the other hand, is it
because she fell head over heels in love with
him because
he represented all that was noble and
strong. She tells her father, Brabantio, that
she fell in love
with his character and the wonderful stories
that he has told her about his life. Whatever
the case
may be, Desdemona represents the
innocence, truth and goodness of the play.
She truly represents
the goodness and light...
... middle of paper ...
... him to
become Lieutenant.. Othello could always
wonder if Desdemona really loved him, or if
she was
just using him to rebel against her father.
With Iago constantly putting these ideas in
his head,
Othello was convinced to kill his wife. Often,
reputations and a person?s true character
are very
different. People rely on their previous
experiences or knowledge of others to make
about them. Iago used this to his advantage
to manipulate everyone.
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