12th Five Year Plan

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Analysis of twelfth Five Year Plan


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1.1 Introduction2
2. Prospects for the Twelfth Plan2
3. Drivers of Growth in the Twelfth Plan2
3.1 Macro‐Economic Fundamentals2
3.2 Management and Labour Skills2
3.3 Aspirational Drivers2
4. Growth Targets for the Twelfth Plan2
5. Energy2
6. Transport2
6.1 Roads2
6.2 Railways2
6.3 Ports2
6.4 Civil Aviation2
7. Farm Sector2
7.1 Water Management2
7.2 Soil Nutrient Management2
7.3 Efficiency in Use of Chemical Fertilizers2
7.4 New Technologies for the Farm Sector2
8. Livestock and Fisheries2
8.1 Improving Marketing and Logistics2
9. Manufacturing sector2
9.1 The Cost of Doing Business2
10. Health2
10.1 Comprehensive Healthcare2
10.2 Health Infrastructure2
11. Services: Tourism, Hospitality & Construction Need for Employment Opportunities2
11.1 Tourism2
11.1.1Potential / Opportunities2
11.1.2 Issues & Challenges2
11.2 Construction2
11.2.1 Employment Potential2
11.2.2Issues and Challenges2
11.2.3 Strategies2

1.1 Introduction

The Indian economy, on the eve of the Twelfth Plan, is characterised by strong macro fundamentals, and a very good performance over the Eleventh Plan period, though clouded by some slowdown in growth in the current year, continuing concern about inflation and a sudden increase in uncertainty about the global economy. The objective of the Eleventh Plan was faster and inclusive growth and the initiatives taken in the Eleventh Plan period have resulted in substantial progress towards both objectives. Inevitably, there are some weaknesses that need to be addressed and also new challenges that need to be faced. Some of the challenges are themselves the consequence of the economy’s transition to a higher and more inclusive growth path, the structural changes that come with it, and the expectations it generates. There are external challenges also arising from the fact that the global economic environment is much less favourable than it was at the start of the Eleventh Plan. These challenges call for renewed efforts on multiple fronts learning from the experience gained, and keeping in mind global developments.

2. Prospects for the Twelfth Plan
The message emerging is that the economy has gained in strength in many dimensions and is therefore well placed to achieve faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth. Having achieved 8.2 percent growth in the Eleventh Plan, it is reasonable to aim at 9 percent growth for the Twelfth Plan. Global economic conditions are very uncertain and energy prices are likely to remain high. To achieve rapid growth, the economy will have to overcome constraints posed by limited energy supplies, increase in water scarcity, shortages in infrastructure, problems of land acquisition for industrial development and infrastructure, and the complex problem of managing the urban transition associated with rapid growth. Greater efforts also need to be made in agriculture, health and education to ensure inclusion of the most excluded and sometimes invisible parts of our population.

These difficulties suggest that a 9 percent growth target for the next five years is ambitious. But it is not impossible, if we have the political will to do what is necessary. Economic reforms over the last twenty years have resulted in the citizens of India having high expectations. The Twelfth Plan has to meet the aspirations of millions of young men and women. This cannot be done by following a business‐as‐usual approach. All sections of society – government, farmers, businesses, labour and concerned citizens – have to adopt newer, more effective ways of pursuing their activities, so that we can collectively achieve our lofty goals.

3. Drivers of Growth in the Twelfth Plan
There are...
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