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By saddaskdasj Apr 14, 2014 491 Words
 Steven Pinker (2010) , writes about the effect of technology to people in his article Mind Over Mass Media. He talks about how people think about the technology, and what his opinion on this issue. Many people think that the high technology may not a good thing to human being, because they believe some high technology products could effect human’s brain, which leads to people because lazy and decrease their intelligence. However, Pinker disagree that, he shows some example to try to justify that those kind of worry is completely no necessary. There are two important issues from the author that I would like to discuss are his example, and persuading people. In my opinion, these two issue are both reasonable.

The first issue is about the example that shown. Pinker (2010) indicates that there is no evidence to prove that technology has bad effect to human’s brain,in this case, it’s no necessary to worry about human’s brain change, and the change of brain may not a bad thing. I fully agree on this point, because new technology always let people improve themselves and open their eyes. 200 years ago, people don’t know what light is, at that time, light was a new technology, and this new technology bring big value to human being. How can some people think the new technology have bad effect to human’s bring? Even the machine gun came out and cause millions of people dead, I still think that all the new technology products are good for people, in philosophy thinking, everything exist is reasonable. What’s more, I think brain is always changing, and if the brain stop changing, people die. It means everything will effect to human brain because people need think and talk, the high technology products are always helping people, and bring benefits to people, such as the internet and cell-phone.

The next important idea is about the author persuading people. Pinker (2010) imply that people should not blame on the technology, they need to enhance the ability of self-control. Indeed, how to use technology products are always people’s own choice. For example, the internet, some people can do a lot of good thing from the internet, some people who lack of self-control may indulge in the internet, play computer games 8 hours per day. Can you say internet is bad for people, lower people’s intelligence ? Of course not, it’s not internet make people lazy, it’s people make themselves become bad. Human being is capable to control themselves and make good use of electronic technologies. Therefore, there is no doubt that people should make sure they can make good use of electronic and making excuses is never make sense.

In conclusion, technology products advance people and society, and will never lower people intelligence or make people became bad. People need try to make the best use of those electronic technologies, after that, the world will be glorious.

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