127 Hours

Topics: First-person narrative, Narrative Pages: 3 (2278 words) Published: August 18, 2015
127 Hours
‘127 Hours’ directed by Danny Boyle, consists an array of narrative features in order to communicate the ‘true-story narrative’ of Aron Ralston and his horrific ordeal in the Blue John Canyon. The film follows Aron Ralston who is a young, independent, outgoing, experienced canyoneer who encounters a freak accident; whereby Aron falls from a crack in the canyon and an immovable boulder traps his arm between two tight canyon walls. Danny Boyle skilfully utilizes the narrative features of characterization, manipulation of time, visual elements, sound, symbols and conflict resolution to present Aron’s initial selfish, arrogant personality which is only initial until the gradual realization of his lack of appreciation for his friends and family. Aron Ralston’s final “rebirth” as a man, after undertaking the amputation of his own aim and returning to his friends and family to live a new and refreshed and meaningful life. The opening scenes of ‘127 Hours’ depict Aron Ralston as a man who is detached not only from society, but also from his family and friends. The consequence of such things are inevitable and in turn change Aron’s life for the better. Danny Boyle utilizes the narrative features of characterization, mise en scene and visual effects to present Aron Ralston as an independent adventurer at the beginning of the film. In the opening scenes of the film, Aron is preparing for his lone canyoning experience in the Blue John Canyon, Utah. His fast-paced life involves no one else but himself in his lonely, dark apartment. From refusing to answer calls, to ignoring precautions Aron is evidently ignorant and detached. Aron’s character is very prideful and self-centered, his whole world revolves around him and travelling to canyons. The opening scenes uses the narrative feature of characterization. Boyle’s utilizes characterization to present Aron’s character and his life. Within the scene, it is visually evident that Aron’s character is detached and alone...
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