Topics: September 11 attacks, Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA PATRIOT Act Pages: 4 (773 words) Published: January 15, 2013
9/11 conspiracy

In the video Lose Change 9/11 the producer clam conspiracy. They belief that world trade
center get destroy not just airplanes and it’s more other stuffs that can destroy the world trade
center, that was bomb in the world trade center. But we don’t know that how they get in the
world trade center. Who destroy the world trade center is pentagon. Were a series of four
coordinated suicide attacks upon the United States in New York City and the Washington, D.C.
areas on September 11, 2001. When the plan hit after that they can’t find the remains of the plane.

Why patriot act was passed
Administration in the frightening weeks after Sept 11 attack. Many Senator complained that
they don’t have a lot of chance to read it much less analyze it, before having to vote. House
hearings were held and a carefully constructed compromise bill emerged from the judiciary
Committee. Congress and the Administration acted without any careful or systematic effort to
whether in our law had contributed to the attacks.
Government surveillance
The Patriot Act increases the government surveillance powers in 4 areas:
Records searches, it expands the government’s ability to look at record on an individual’s
activity being held by a third party (Section 215).Secret searches. It expands the government’s
ability to search private property without notice to the owner (Section 213). Intelligence
searches. It expands a narrow exception to the 4th Amendment that had been created for the
collection of foreign intelligence information (Section 218). “Trap and trace” searches. It
expands another 4th Amendment exception for spying that collects information about the origin
and destination of communications, as opposed to the content (Section 214).
Expand access to personal records held by third party
One of the most significant provisions of the Patriot Act makes it far easier for the authorities to
gain access...
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