12 o clock high

Topics: Leadership, World War II, Kurt Lewin Pages: 4 (952 words) Published: June 4, 2014

Twelve O’ Clock High Leadership

The research paper is about leadership and management traits the film Twelve O’ Clock High. The papers main focus is to highlight the importance of leadership and adapting to the situation and find which form of leadership best suits that specific situation. Twelve O’ Clock High is a great example of how important different types of leadership traits are used in the most stressful types of work environments. The movie Twelve O’ Clock High teaches us insights on various leadership styles displayed by the main character. General Savage was tasked by General Pritchard to replace Davenport as commander. Davenport was a commander who was loved and respected by his men but lost his effectiveness as a leader because of the high fatality rate his group suffered. After taking command, Savage was tasked to uplift the morale and the performance of the Bombing group by rebuilding the group’s discipline and courage. His approach was so successful that the men who wanted to transfer withdrew their request. Moreover, the group’s overall performance improved and they felt that vital missions should be given strictly to them. Twelve O' Clock High is an American motion picture film about a United States Army Air Crew which flew bombing missions against Nazi Germany during the beginning of American involvement in World War II.   The film starts when Major Harvey Stovall begins to have flashbacks of his involvement in the 918th Bomb Group during the Second World War. From there on a series of characters are introduced by the movie, Lieutenant Colonel Stovall as the Group Adjutant, Colonel Davenport as Bomb Group Commander who is later relieved of his command by General Pritchard, Commanding General of 8th Bomber Command where, General Pritchard places General Frank Savage in command of the Bomb group. Savage started out with more of an autocratic leadership where when he first got to the base he made decisions with...
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