12 Years a Slave movie-analysis

Topics: Slavery, Plantation economy, Human trafficking Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: October 27, 2014
12 Years a Slave

The movie «12 Years a slave» is based on the book «12 Years a Slave» by Soloman Northup. It's his life story of how he got lured in a trap and kidnapped in 1841. It's about how he was sold into slavery in the south, and what happened during those 12 years a slave . The movie was released in 2013, but the book was first published in 1853. The setting of the movie was in the US, mostly in the states New York and Louisiana. The film was directed by Steve McQueen, he's also known for directing the movies «Hunger»(2008) and «Shame»(2011). I would say that this movie is an example of the genre drama. It's a historical drama film. That is a genre which examines a spesific time in history or group of people. In this case it examines both. It's in a time where slavery was normal, and it was focused on the people who were inslaved and darkskinned. The plot in the movie mostly in the Red River region of Louisiana, where it's legal to own slaves. Other scenes are from Sarotaga Springs, New York, the place he grew up and had a family. It's in the time period from 1841 to 1853(when the book came out). The environment in the movie is characterized by mainly powerfull white people, and «niggers» as slaves. Some grown up like a slave, some kidnapped and who had been forced into that type of life. It is possible for a black person to be a «free» man, but then he'd have to have papers saying he is.

The movie is about the black man Soloman who lives happily with his wife and two kids in Sarotaga, New York. While his wife is away for a couple of weeks with the kids, he's offered a gig, playing violin with a couple of men in Washington. He is promised good money to do it, and he'll be back long before his wife. After a week in Washington, earning about 50 dollars, they celebrate the success of the shows, and the men he travelled with get him drunk. When he wakes up sober he's in a basement in the city, with chained on both hands and feet. He is then told by a...
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