12 Step Program Report

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Running Head: 12 Step Program

12 Step Program Report

12 Step Program Report 1 What is alcoholism?
What is alcoholism? That seems to be a perplexing question. According to the report entitled This is A.A. An Introduction to the A.A.Recovery Program, “There is no formal A.A. definition of alcoholism…” but continues, “It can be described as a physical compulsion, coupled with a mental obsession” (This, 1984, p.9). This quote seems to describe how it feels to be an alcoholic. In the Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous, “As A.A. sees it, alcoholism is an illness” (A brief, 1972, p.6). As the article also mentions, the American Medical Association defines alcoholism as an illness as well. No matter the definition, alcoholism causes numerous problems for the people who experience it. What does the AA 12 Step program involve?

Alcoholics Anonymous offers a 12 Step program that first requires the person to admit that he or she is “powerless over alcohol” (This, 1984, p. 12). Once the person has determined that they want to stay sober, they can begin the road to sobriety by following the 12 Steps of the program. Many of the 12 Steps have to do with a Higher Power, but the organization’s materials are quick to point out that this does not just mean God, but whatever Higher Power a person holds to be true.

Attending the AA meetings is a big part of the program. The Introduction to AA report explains, “Meeting and talking and helping other alcoholics together, we are somehow able to stay sober and lose the compulsion to drink…” (This, 1984, p. 8). The members support each other and remind each other to take it “one day at a time.” There are no costs for people to attend meetings. The books and other reading materials that AA offers appear to be very good resources for their members. 12 Step Program Report...

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