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12 Grade English First Quarter Essay Assignment

Topics: High school / Pages: 2 (438 words) / Published: May 7th, 2015
Hi my name is Marcus Harrison I’m here to compare and contrast the experiences of two story’s “A Walk to the Jetty” and “Kewaunee’s Ambition,” And overall explain what it takes to be successful and the hardships that they went through to obtain their success.

In the story Kewaunee’s Ambition there’s this girl named Kewaunee Lerma, she is a 17 year old student in a program called One Goal, which works with high schools in Chicago to help at-risk students by teaching them noncognitive skills such as grit and self-control. Kewaunee had a chaotic childhood, and she was homeless for a while. When she 15, she was arrested for punching a police officer. But after a family intervention, Kewaunee started working harder at school. With the help of One Goal teacher named Michele Stefl, Kewaunee graduated high school and enrolled in college. Some of the problems Kewaunee faced during her path to success were some of the classes she was taking in college. In the story states “Kewaunee took introductory courses- English 100 Math 100 Sociology 100. None was easy for her. But the course she found most challenging was Biology 170, Introduction to Health Careers. In her Biology class there was a popular lecturer, so the class was pretty full, most of the students there were upper classman. The problem she faced in this class was that her professor used a lot of scientific terms in his lectures that Kewaunna wasn’t familiar with, but the way how she solved this was that she came up with a strategy. What she did was every time he used a word she didn’t understand, she wrote it down and put a star next to it. And at the end of the day she went to the professor and asks him to go over the words with her. In this story Kewaunna faced many trials. “But Kewaunna seemed certain of where she was heading and why almost unnervingly so “.
In the story The Walk on the Jetty there this girl named Annie John. Annie John is now seventeen and is going to head to England to study nursing. She wakes on the morning that she will leave knowing that later in the day she shall take a boat to Barbados and then to England. Annie looks over everything in her house thinking about her life and about how either her mother or father made everything that is in it. In one way this familiarity makes Annie feel nostalgic, but in another way it makes her realize that she has to go elsewhere to develop her own self.

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