12 Engry Men

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Twelve Angry Men is a 1957 American drama film adapted from the Reginald Rose play. This is a superb film you can use to discuss the power of influence. The film starts off with the jury having to decide if a person is guilty of murder or innocent. The jury wanted to make a quick decision so that they can leave the room quickly, but one single member tries to persuade the other eleven members to acquit the suspect on trial on the basis of reasonable doubt. Summary

Critical analysis of movie
In this movie, Reginald Rose discusses the play in the context of jury behavior, the unreliability of eyewitness testimony, and the inadequacy of defense counsel in many capital cases in the United States. There must be many playgoers who come away from a performance of Twelve Angry Men filled with images of themselves acting as the heroic Juror Eight. They, too, when their time came, would be calm and rational in the jury room... Henry Fonda has a most reassuring face. Something about the set of the jaw, the strength of the cheeks, the moodiness of the eyes, inspires respect and confidence. The parts he has played in films and on the stage have made him close to an American symbol of the unbiased, uncorrupted man, and he is just about...

Leadership learning

1. The Power of Influence 
The movie shows how one man can influence a whole group through logic and sound reasoning. It is a great show to illustrate active influence in action and also how a group of different personalities interact in a jury setting. 2. Personalities are usually caused by past events

the movie begins with a man showing extremely prejudice against the young man to be convicted. However, toward the end of the show, we saw that the prejudice was caused by events in the past that affected him personally. As leaders, we must understand that certain beliefs, values and resulting personalities do stem from things that have happened to a person in the past. When there’s a limiting belief...
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