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Organizational Behaviour Case Study





The XYZ Company began its operations in 1988. Soon after its formation it entered the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications by developing and distributing IT and telecom equipments. It became the market leader in 2000 representing the most important companies in these sectors such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, IBM, Lucent Technologies (AT&T), Oracle, Wipro and Novell.

The Company built its solid foundations in IT and telecommunications over a decade. On July 27th, 1997, company was incorporated to consolidate the telecommunications and technology interests. The same year XYZ Company established its first offshore support center in Pakistan, India, Canada, UK, United States and Romania.


Product Development
The Product development Office works with Marketing and other agencies to refine and implement changes required for selling products and services. Distribution & Marketing
The Office is responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies and building customers. Corporate Affairs
The Office of Corporate Affairs is responsible for public affairs and public diplomacy, legislative affairs, diplomatic engagement, and outreach to other businesses. Admin
The Admin office is responsible for budgeting, financial management and policy development.


Poor communication channels

Friction between people and departments

Conflicts between subordinates and manager

Lack of support from higher management

Lack of information

Lack of job recognition and career development

Decreased Productivity

Salary negotiation deadlocks

Organizational Politics

Lengthy Decision Making Process

No Succession Planning



Using 5 Why’s Technique to evaluate the root cause problem:

Low productivity
Low productivity is due to the low motivation in the subordinates to perform

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