12 angry men a case study

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12 Angry men a beautifully directed and produced movie, there are no 3D special effects or Pixar bunnies hopping out under beds with machine guns blasting. Yet the movie itself can entrance the viewer with nothing but the use of black coloring and personal feelings of justice over vengeance. This movie is so powerful and gripping that it as it takes the viewer on its journey that only question left is the very one at the end of the movie “what is your name?”, The viewer watches as these 12 men who are basically strangers both socially and economically tackle a tribal question which is the okaying of the execution of one of its own. This movie shows human nature at its bases form, the personal insults along with the mocking of one another becomes not only expected to the viewer but accepted. Each man gives an insight into a feeling or mood that each of us has had at some point and time. The scary difference is that it makes you, the viewer wonder which one of those 12 Angry men would represent your attitude toward your fellow man. Can the viewer watching this movie a honestly say that he/she would have taken the ridicule from your fellow jurors and the time to really think about a strangers guilt or innocence. Even if that meant missing a birthday party or even your beloved baseball team play. 12 Angry Men takes the viewer on an emotional roller coaster ride with adequate swerves and stops that can leave the viewer breathless and even a little nauseous. The main that Henry Fonda plays in the movie is that of an activist he is not the official leader of the group that is juror number one or the captain, Fonda is really the young defendants only mouth piece in the beginning and as we will discuss not if the defendant is guilty or innocent but the acknowledgment of reasonable doubt. that ponders my mind the words reasonable doubt. How many times have each of us condemning someone even if not vocally but 12 ANGRY MEN A STUDY

emotionally? each time I watch this movie my overwhelming desire is to be dismissive of the missing son juror and tell him to shut up doesn’t he see that the good guy (Fonda) is making wonderful points. At the end of the movie I know that we couldn’t have had the discussion at all if loud mouth missing son juror had not been cast. The sad truth is that the most angriest/loudest and meanest juror helps form the democracy in that room. This juror cements the bond of brotherhood within the tribal ranks of the men who look at that juror and knows that they do not want to follow this angry juror down his path, the viewer watches the minds and thinking of the jurors change, as the missing son juror emotionally erupts in the room. After this juror is stripped down to his bare beliefs the only truth is evident that he is missing his son! In Detroit the process of juror selection is randomly selected people that live in the county and are a voter are put on a list that the State of Michigan of registered voters keeps. Anyone who is a licensed driver or has a State issued ID, is also on this list. Any person qualifying with these certifications will be mailed a questionnaire along with a juror summons to complete and return to court. The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan is divided into the following divisions for juror selection purposes: Ann Arbor(6 counties);Bay City (21 counties);Detroit (9 counties);Flint (4 counties) and Port Huron (5 counties). Democracy in all its finest points needs one major necessity to work, democracy needs people that want it to work all the time. Democracy is a living and breathing idea and will die with silent tongues and double standards. The notion of anyone that is accused of a crime

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