12 Angry Men: the Process of Individuals and a Court Case

Topics: Jury, Justice, Court Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: August 30, 2005
Twelve Angry Men, is a play written by Reginald Rose. The play is about the process of individuals and a court case, which is determining the fate of a teenager. It presents the themes of justice, independence and ignorance. Rose emphasises these three themes through the characters and the dialogue. Justice is the principle of moral rightness or equity. This is shown through juror number eight who isn't sure whether or not the boy is actually innocent or guilty, but he persists to ask questions and convinces the other jurors to think about the facts first. Independence is shown through both juror number three and ten. They both believe that the defendant is guilty until they both realise that they can not relate there past experiences with the court case. Ignorance is shown throughout all the jurors during the play, it is also brought out through the setting of the play.

Juror number eight is the main protagonist, he also a reserved with his thoughts, yet very strategic with them. He is the defender of the down trodden victim. He has a calm rational approach to everything and he reveals the gaps in the testimonies placed against the defendant. These examples would be; that the old man couldn't have seen the boy run out of the house, as the old man had a limp and therefore could not make it to the door in time. The old lady across the road could have never saw the boy stab his father, due to she wasn't wearing her glasses and it was pitch black. Number eight is a man that stands up to the irrational and dangerous people of the jury. This is shown through number eight and juror number three, they have an argument about juror three pulling the switch on the young boy. He says "For this kid? You bet I'd pull the switch" juror eight then calls him a "self- appointed public avenger" which stuns juror number three.

Justice is the most important theme throughout this play. It proves that truth can't be found without a struggle. In the play there was only one juror...
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