12 Angry Men: Review 5

Topics: Jury, Hung jury, Deliberation Pages: 4 (1684 words) Published: May 11, 2007
The movie 12 Angry Men depicts a typical scene today: twelve jury members meeting to discuss a case presented to them and determine guilt or innocence of a young man accused of killing his own father. Usually the jury room is a place for discussion and debate, but the evidence has swayed all but one of the jurors into voting guilty. The group in the movie is a jury of 12 men with various backgrounds and age groups. They were placed in a deliberation room where the entire move took place. Soon after the men gather in the deliberation room the foreman suggests a vote. All of the jurors except Henry Fonda suggested the boy was guilty. Fonda, is unsure of the defendant's guilt or innocence himself, even though his fellow jury members all disagree with him. Immediately after Fonda made his vote of not guilty the room was in uproar. The rest of the jury resents the inconvenience of his decision. After questioning his sanity they hastily decide to humor Fonda by agreeing to discuss the trial for one hour. The movie proceeds to tell the tale of how Henry Fonda uses excellent communication skills to sway the jury into actually thinking for themselves instead of thinking in the group's best interest and effectively voting that the young man was innocent.

The group at the beginning of the movie seems to be very cohesive due to their overwhelming belief of the boy's guilt. In the beginning, all the jurors felt that the defendant had committed an immoral crime, something which all of them were prepared to send him to die for. They felt that he deserved death for his actions, and that they were acting completely right even though they still had doubts to his guilt, because they felt it was their job to keep the defendant out of society to the benefit of mankind. But as the movie continues the group loses that cohesive behavior because of one mans questions. Henry Fonda takes the jury form eleven to one in favor of a guilty verdict to the point where the votes are...
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