12 Angry Men: Intellect Side of Leadership

Topics: Jury, Leadership, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: February 6, 2012
12 angry men:
BLDR Assignment

12 Angry Men: Intellect side of leadership shown in the movie 12 Angry Men is a movie about 12 jury members who meet to decide the fate of a boy accused for murder of his father. The jury members were invited by the court and were assembled in a room to make the decision. The movie starts with initial voting in which odds are in favour of boy being guilty by 11-1. One man among the whole jury thinks that there may be a chance that boy is really innocent and all the facts that were presented in court can just be misinterpretation of the situation. He was not satisfied with the current evidences and wanted to have a relook before they make a final call. The way he put his thoughts in front of 11 other jury members shows the confidence he had on his thoughts. It takes a lot of courage for someone to make a statement which is against everyone present at that moment. This was also evident from his simple way of conveying his thoughts to others. Taking stand of our own thought is one of the most important aspects of leadership. We must be confident enough to make a point if we disagree with others and must have the logic to support our doubts. Another important incident which shows a strong leadership quality is the way he persuaded others to support his thoughts. Like others in the movie he never screamed or showed his anxiety over others’ thoughts. Rather he used others words and thoughts to arrive at a conclusion which he were supporting. Persuasion is another important aspect of leadership because for an effective leadership you must be able to persuade others to match with your thinking or else you will never be able to drive the desired result out of your team. Another leadership quality that was evident from the movie was the way some of the characters represented the facts and relate it with the established theories and norms. Be it be the way a switch knife can be used to stab someone or the issue of a limping man walking 50+...
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