12 Angry Men essay

Topics: Sidney Lumet, Jury, 2 Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: November 11, 2013
The plot of 12 angry jurors revolves around the innocent boy who was accusing of stabbing his father. Their decision may end this boy’s life at the same time it can make him a better person to live. They are all sitting around a hard wooden table still in the center of the humid New York in a sunny day .the room is full of tense and arguments. That was in the 1957 when fans barley worked. The diverse jurors are discussing the case with different opinions and the 12 jurors have different backgrounds that influenced them in every way. The film has so much tense and so much detail that makes the movie more powerful with more techniques that the actors, writer and director wasted there precious time doing this acclaimed film.

The director in 12 angry men used characterization as one of her techniques. She used appearance as the primary method in this film. As we were introduced to the 12 angry jurors sitting in a tight closed room we immediately knew each jurors type from what they wore, how they acted and their facial expressions. We noticed that they all had different personalities and different ways but the only common thing between them is that they were all tensioned. Based on the first scene we saw juror number 2 looking like a nerd with glasses and had a small appearance and always timid and tensioned and is always persuaded by others opinions and when he said "I never knew they locked the door that showed how tensioned he was. Also juror number six looks very dull and rough and unintelligent, wearing an unbuttoned shirt and no tie and he is a negative man that doesn’t look at the positive sides of anything. Juror number seven is the most tensioned character and he plays this role of a man that only cares about watching this baseball game and he proved that by admitting that he would do anything to miss jury duty and every once in a while he looks at his watch which makes the audience more concerned about time . The 8th juror was one of the most confident...
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