12 Angry Men Essay

Topics: Jury, Jury nullification, Verdict Pages: 4 (1325 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Although Twelve Angry Men was shot in black and white and was an older movie, it still did an excellent job at showing just how biased and pre-determined a jury’s verdict can be. The movie showed how easy it is for people to bring in predisposed opinions based on their background, and jump to a verdict which may not be the right one. To start the movie there were essentially eleven juror members who felt as though they already knew the verdict of the case, and that their decision was correct and the best decision. Some of the juror members’ racism played a part in their decision, as well as prior experiences with one juror member’s son. These men had their mind made up before even deliberating the case, but as we saw at the end of the movie they were wrong, and if it had not been for the first juror member to vote “not guilty” an innocent child would have been put to death for a crime in which he was not properly accused of committing.

The first example of this we saw was with the juror member who had, had a bad relationship with his own son. He made it clear that he did not like kids, and felt as though they were selfish and needed to be better put in line. He has gotten into a fist fight with his son several years ago, and had not talked to him since. This ate the man up inside, and he held a great deal of resentment towards himself and his son for the relationship that now did not exist between the two and for the fight they had had many years ago. Because of this relationship with his son, the man was quick to assume the kid was guilty, and saw his guilty vote as a way as getting back at his son. This man was ready to put a kid to death for an event that had happened many years ago. He felt as though all kids were disrespectful and selfish, and because of this ideal, he was predisposed to a guilty verdict and was not willing to change his vote, or even hear evidence that showed the child was not guilty.

In the film we also see a juror member who is more...
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