12 Angry Men Essay

Topics: Jury, Not proven, The Juror Pages: 4 (1497 words) Published: February 18, 2007
Juror Three is the last juror to change his vote; nothing anyone says can convince him that there is a "reasonable doubt" in the case. This man was the most stubborn of all. He refused to pay attention to things that were being stated in order save the defendant from death. It was as if the word guilty seemed to dwell in his mind and was unable to be altered. He becomes outraged that the others are changing their votes and letting this kid "slip through their fingers." He says that the whole case is based on the testimony of the woman across the el-tracks. The jurors play out the murder to themselves, and talk about the lady across the street. They notice several things about her. The lady claimed that she saw the murder through the last two cars on the train that was passing. A juror also noticed that she had indents in her nose which means she wore glasses. She never mentioned the glasses in the trial. It was finally agreed with eleven jurors that there was "reasonable doubt" that the lady could not have successfully seen the murder without her glasses, and through a train. Everybody is angered and the votes gradually change to not guilty, some come from people that honestly believe it and others who just want to leave and get it over with. Juror Three, who deadlocked the jury, was full of anger. He finally gave his plea of not-guilty when, angered, he shouts out that he is entitled to his opinion and shall have it. A couple minutes later he caves in, most likely due to the anger he has combined with frustration. He had gone into the case thinking the boy is guilty, before any evidence was even resgistered into his head. The Juror acted as if no ones opinion counted but his, and talked above everyone else. Juror Three gave into the pressure of the jury, realizing that he shouldn't have voted guilty to punish the boy for the memories he had of his son. He brought his personal life into play, following his heart instead of his head. There are some people in life...
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