12 Angry Men Analysis

Topics: Emotion, Decision making, Personality psychology Pages: 12 (3764 words) Published: November 5, 2012
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1| Synopsis| 1|
2| Characters| 2|
3| Factor affecting decision making process: * Attitudes * Personality and values * Emotions and moods| 3-44-89-11| 4| Other barriers affecting decision making| 11-12|
5| Conclusion| 13|
6| References| 14|

The story is basically about 12 men (jurors) urged by the judge to come to an agreement as a to whether the defendant is guilty or not. The judge explains the obligations of the jurors, and after given the instruction, the jurors shall discuss thoroughly among themselves. They must return with a vote either guilty or not. And of course they should have proper evidence or theory to back their opinion.

At the beginning, all except the 8th juror voted guilty. Everyone is shocked and there was a request for all the 11 juror to speak their opinion in order to change the vote of the 8th jury. Since the court hearing are not shown, viewers have no options but to focus on each of the jurors opinions and points.

This story is about how each of the jurors perceive the murder case and solve it. There are several factors that affects an individual decision making process and each factor plays a different role in influencing people, and how these factors build individual’s perception. The factors are personality, values, attitudes, emotion and moods. Throughout this movie, we can see how the 12 juror are affected by these factors in coming to an agreement as a whole.

Juror| Actor| Characteristic|
1/Foreman| Courtney B. Vance| * Football coach * Organized person| 2| Ossie Davis| * Bank clerk * Logical person|
3| George C. Scott| * Small business owner * Grudge, excited, hot-tempered| 4| Armin Mueller-Stahl| * Stock broker * Wise, not bias, focus on evidence, logical| 5| Dorian Harewood| * Work in Harlem hospital * Easily-offended| 6| James Gandolfini| * House painter * Patient, fair, respects other people| 7| Tony Danza| * Selfish, loud|

8| Jack Lemmon| * Architect * Reasonable, see things at every angle| 9| Hume Cronyn| * Old man * Good observer, wise|
10| Mykelti Williamson| * Racist, closed-minded, arrogant, bad tempered| 11| Edward James Olmos| * Watchmaker * Calm, fair, takes a man’s life seriously| 12| William Petersen| * Work for Marketing agency * Couldn’t decide for himself, very dependant|

3.1 Attitude
In this part, we will analyse how the attitude influences the decision making of the jurors. According to business dictionary, an attitude is a tendency to respond either positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation. Attitude influences an individual's action, responsiveness, incentives, and rewards which is called stimuli. In order to better understand attitudes, we must consider their fundamental components. There are three components of attitudes: cognitive (a description of or belief), affective (emotional or feeling) and behavioural (intention to behave in certain way toward something). What is the attitude of the twelve juries in making decision of the given case? Well, at the beginning of the movie, the motivation or goal of the juries was to complete the task as soon as possible so that they could go home. During this situation, the cognitive component is “cannot go back home unless agreed as a whole”. The affective component is “tension of finishing the task as soon as possible so that can go back home earlier”. The behaviour component is “just vote for guilty”. This is how their attitudes toward their job and resulted in their behaviour.

However, the attitude of the 8th jury contradicted with the attitude of other jurors. The eleven juries voted that the defendant is...
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