11 Things I Learned from My Father on Father’s Day

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11 Things I learned from my father on father’s day.
I got some of my dad's genes. Not all. Just some. I have my dad’s pale skin color, his freckles, the horror I know. It’s funny because I born when my dad was 25, and ever since I can remember him, he’s had grey hair. I wish it was only the grey hair. There is also the migraines, the sweet tooth and the hardheadedness! One gene my dad failed to pass to me was his math skills. I struggled in math class for as long as I can remember. I loathed geometry and calculus. My dad, as a civil engineer, must have had some sort of gene for those that he did not pass on to me. Aside from “bad” or missed genes. I learned a lot from my dad. Here are the top eleven things I learned from dad. Why eleven? 10 is even, while 11 is odd (am not a total math handicapped you know) plus, top 11 lists are the new top 10 lists. 1. Be Honest.

My father always told me that the truth will set you free. Always tell the truth, never lie, even you have 100 reason to lie, there is always a reason to tell the truth. 2. Be generous.
My father always told me to help people in need, even Beggars. He taught me to never turn away someone asking me for money. 3. Look Deeper.
Don’t judge people by their looks. Or their shoes. More importantly, my father taught me that a man’s value is not set by how expensive his clothes are. 4. Think
Don't just mindlessly follow people. Don’t follow trends just because it’s a trend. Think. My father always told me "just because everyone is jumping off a bridge doesn’t mean you have jump off also”. 5. Listen.

Listen. Listen. Listen. My father didn’t talk much, he only spoke things which useful, meaningful and valuable. He always told me speech is silver, silence is gold. 6. Mind your business.
I don’t think I’ve ever heard my father gossip. He taught me and my brothers to never talk badly about people, or degrade anyone. 7. Read.
Actually, I credit both my parents for that. They...
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