10th Grade History Mid Term Exam Study Guide

Topics: Pacific Ocean, Latitude, Navigation Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Midterm Exam Review
Chapter 1:
* The Five themes of Geography:
1. Location- where a place is
A) Absolute location-describes a place’s absolute address (latitude and longitude) B) Relative location-- what is actually at that location 2. Place-
A) Physical characteristics- God-made
B) Cultural characteristics- man-made
3. Human/environment interaction
4. Movement- earth’s plates, migration, ocean currents
5. Region- areas that have something in common (physical and climate) * Cartographer- a professional mapmaker
* Lines of latitude run east to west for the purpose of measuring distances north and south of the equator * Lines of longitude run north and south for the purpose of measuring distances east and west of the equator. * Grid address-where lines of latitude and longitude intersect each other (coordinates) * 4 landforms:

1. mountains
2. hills
3. plains
4. plateaus
* prime meridian- 0 degrees longitude
* equator- 0 degrees latitude
Chapter 2:
* The Bering Strait covers what was once a land bridge called Beringia which connected Alaska to northeastern Asia. Large herds of animals wondered across the land bridge in search of grazing land and hunters followed them/ * The mound builders were the Adena, The Hopewell, and The Mississippian culture. They built monuments of earth in the shape of mounds and stored artifacts in them. * The Cliff-dwellers were the Anasazi pueblos. The built houses on the walls of canyons and under overhangs of caves.

* 5 requirements for a civilization:

1. Some form of writing or method of keeping records
2. An organized government
3. Religion
4. Cities
5. Social classes
* Hunter- gatherers- hunt animals and also gather seeds, berries, nuts, and the roots and bulbs of plants Chapter 3:
* Feudal system- lords were granted land. They ruled their lands, or manors, like tiny independent kingdoms. They made laws and...
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