10th Grade Research Paper

Topics: Wildlife, Natural environment, Genetic pollution Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: September 17, 2013
On February 16, 2009 a 15 year old chimpanzee named Travis mauled its owner’s friend as she was coming for a visit. The police were called when the chimpanzee even went so far as to attack the police which forced them to shoot the animal several times before the animal finally stopped fighting. (Howard) This is just one of many examples of why these animals are not made to be in a domesticated environment. People have been trying to own exotic or wild animals as pets for a very long time, and some of them actually succeed. Whether it is legal or illegal, some people find a way to be a part of owning an exotic pet. But how they get it is not always the biggest problem. Owners have been known to make life threatening mistakes when handling their wild animals. Most of them are just so oblivious to the animal that they own and the capabilities of that animal that they neglect to do all the things necessary to keep themselves safe, the animals safe, and the community around them safe. Veterinarians and animal rights organizations have informed the public on many occasions how dangerous owning an exotic pet is to the owner and the community it resides in. Exotic animals should never be held as pets because it of the high risk of physical harm to the owner or neighboring people, the diseases they spread, and the harm it brings to them as well.

To state the obvious, wild animals are feared by so many simply because of their instinct to kill. A family 12 foot long Burmese python got out of its aquarium and strangled a 2 year old girl from Florida. (“Wild Animals Aren’t Pets”) The cages, aquariums, etc. that owners put their exotic animals in usually do not provide much help in keeping these animals contained. Since humans are not supposed to be caring for exotic animals, the equipment they use for them does not always meet their actual needs. Therefore, a situation like the python getting out of where it was confined will happen. Most of these wild animals...

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