10th Grade Autobiographical Essay

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~Autobiographical Essay~
Humans are not born knowing what is right and what is wrong, we learn these things through our experiences and our mistakes. Though these mistakes could be as simple as spilling a glass of milk, we still learn an important lesson; don't set the glass on the corner of the table. I myself have had many of these mishaps, but one seems to stand out from all the rest. I have these neighbors, they own a large piece of property that my friends and I enjoy spending time on, however, these neighbors are what you would call, jerks. We had a few interactions and in the end we sort of trashed their property..

My friends are idiots, sometimes we get together and do stupid things, in this case though, we went a bit overboard. I was about 12 or 13 at the time and had taken a liking to forms of destructive behavior. It just happened to be trash day, and my dad had an abundance of tools such as sledgehammers and axes in the shed. My friends and I gathered up a large pile of garbage and constructed a huge mass of couches, chairs, desks, wood, and many other things in the woods on my neighbor's property. We then proceded to smash everything in to bits and make a widespread mess of the area. As most kids would do, we ran, and didnt hear anything of it for days. It wasn't until after about a week that my doorbell rang. Who else could it be but the owners of that property come to speak with my parents. My mom and dad were furious, and i recieved no mercy in my punishment. I spent days, along with two of my friends, cleaning up the mess. I suspect we must have gathered three or four trashcans worth of garbage in the end.

Weeks went by and i realized how disrespectful my actions were, I eventually summoned up the courage to visit the home of my neighbors and apologize to them face to face. They graciously accepted my apology and we patred ways on friendly terms. Hearing them thank me for the cleanup job and for...
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