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107 Macbeth Character DisintegrationExplore How Macbeth
Topics: Macbeth, KILL, Marriage / Pages: 1 (139 words) / Published: Dec 3rd, 2014

1.07 Macbeth Character Disintegration

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At the beginning of the play MacBeth is respected, a good husband, and a loyal subject to the king. Lady MacBeth causes him to commit an evil deed and kills the king. He then becomes paranoid. He believes killing Banquo and MacDuff’s family shows his idea of him being manly. His degeneration or loss of function caused problems in his marriage. At first they have respect for each other. After killing Duncan, his wife becomes less and less important to him. He then leaves her out of the plan to kill Banquo and MacDuff’s family. MacBeth lets witches take the place of his wife, and he allows his evil nature to take control of him. He then turned into a totally evil inhumane person with his actions.

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