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By adrinicole418 Apr 19, 2014 292 Words
1.The lion representsstrength, royalty, and bravery. The English would include so many of them on the coat of Arms because _____________. used the three golden lions (sometimes described as leopards) on their scarlet background as a powerful symbol of the English Throne during the time of the Crusades.

What does the lion represent? Why would the rulers of England include so many of them on the Coat of Arms? 1. The fleur-de-lis represents light and purity. Why is it featured on the Coat of Arms of British rulers?

2. The Irish harp featured on the Coat of Arms means a well-composed person of tempered judgement

3. The unicorn represents extreme courage and virtue. England’s rulers choose a unicorn for their shield because

4. The unicorn has a chain around its neck because it was an extremely powerful and harmful beast, the chain shows how James was brave and strong enough to capture it..

5. The Coat of Arms includes two phrases, “Blessed are the peacemakers” and “Shame to him who evil thinks.” Choose one of these phrases and explain why a ruler might want it included in a coat of arms.

Research one of the colors featured in the Coat of Arms. Based on what the color represents, explain why it would be used in a royal coat of arms.

- In 1603, the arms of England and France were placed in the first and fourth quarters, the arms of Scotland ("Or a lion rampant within a double tressure flory counterflory gules") were placed in the second quarter, and the arms of Ireland ("Azure a harp or stringed argent") were placed in the third quarter. (Note: the Irish arms were added only at this time even though the Kings of England had been the Kings of Ireland since 1541.)

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