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There are different types of leaders according to the textbook: democratic, autocratic, and laissez-faire. In studies, democratic and autocratic styles were reviewed to find out which one would prove to be more effective. Each styles has it pros and cons and neither could be proven more effective or not, but the most liked style would be democratic. Democratic leaders are people who involve others in their decision making, delegated authority, and use feedback as an oppurtunity for coaching others.

In the democratic style of leadership, everyone is given the oppurtuinity to put their ideas in. A democratic leader must be able to listen to others and accept their input. They are not reckless leaders who impusively act. Sometimes the democratic style can be slow in the decsion making process because there are usually several people that are involved. A democratic leader must be able to chose the appropriate decision and report it back to the group with unity from everyone.

Situations are always constantly changing, this is where democratic leadership becomes most effective by being able to adapt to find a better way to get things accomplished. Teams who use democratic style will bring out the best aspects of the team. Instead of conforming to one person’s ways of doing things or beliefs, they capatilize their skills and talents by discussing how the problem should be handled based off of their personal experiences.

I chose the movie 10,000 BC to show democratic leadership. The movie obviously takes place in the year 10,000 BC and the main plot is a man in search of his tribesmen that got captured. The main character in the story D’leh is in search of his love Evolet and his other tribesmen, who were kidnapped by a group of men who were recruinting slaves to do their master’s work. D’leh and three other men set out in search for their tribesmen. At the beginning of their travels...

Cited: 10,000 BC scenes throughout the movie were dicussed in the paper
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