100 Years of Change

Topics: Automobile, Walking, Transport Pages: 4 (1350 words) Published: May 11, 2013
My Grandma was raised having a horse as her main source of traveling. However,things have greatly changed over the past few generations. Now days, the car is themain form of transportation for the majority of people. Everyone has at least one car.This has been a pretty important transformation for the world. The invention of cars haschanged the entire world. With the car people can have a simple form of transportation.Also, it was made possible for people to travel long-distances. It has opened manydoors for new inventions.First of all, the invention of the car has made transportation extremely simple.Before the car, people had to most likely walk or ride a horse to where they wanted togo. Now, they can take a car. This has made transportation a lot faster than it was in thepast. A car can go over one hundred miles an hour, when a person walks extraordinarilyslow. The car also caters to people's needs more. If someone has an injured leg, theycan still drive, but they most likely couldn't walk somewhere. The car has made peoplemore independent in this way. They can rely on themselves to get to where they need tobe. This is especially important when it comes to health care. Around fifty years ago, ifsomeone needed to go to the hospital it wasn't an easy task. The country wasn't asdeveloped so a hospital wasn't very close. Not only this, but they would have to walk tothe hospital, ride a horse, or have the doctor make a house call. It would take a longtime to get to the hospital and many people died because of this. Cars make it possibleto travel faster, so people's needs can get taken care of sooner. In addition, cars make long-distance travel possible. In the olden days, if onewanted to go to a different state they would probably take a horse drawn carriage.Horses can only go so fast. Not only this, but they get tired and need rest, and theyneed food breaks. A car does not sleep or eat. A car can go as long as there is gas. Forthis reason, cars can cover massive...
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