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Exclusive Inspiring Interviews, Success Stories and Case-Studies of Business Leaders, Presidents, CEOs, High-Profile Icons, Entrepreneurs, Women of Substance and Difference Makers.

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This book is dedicated to our visionary leader, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder and the father of the nation who defined Leadership: “The things that will destroy us are knowledge without character, worship without sacrifice, politics without principles and leadership without integrity.” "I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the help, support and assistance to the team of Manager Today. Its contribution and encouragement made the whole venture a delightful experience. Moreover, this dedication is to honour all those incredible business leaders, entrepreneurs, women of substance and the next generation of future leaders, who generously contributed to make it an exciting experience. I earnestly believe the thoughts and experiences shared will inspire many for decades.


Allah Almighty bestowed upon me the vision to come up with the idea of “Manager Today”, — a best-selling professional learning and development magazine for business leaders, professional managers, and enterprising entrepreneurs. Working untiringly for four years, I was able to successfully compile the exclusive inspiring interviews and success profiles of many business personalities and difference makers who belong to different walks of life, in an exclusive book, “100 Business Leaders of Pakistan”.

The book, “100 Business Leaders of Pakistan”, owes its existence to the unflinching efforts of the “Manager Today” team, which comprises Aroosha Shahid, Numan Ahmed Siddiqui, Asad Malik, Rahil Haneef, Nadeem Shamsi, Sajid Aziz, Tazeen Aman, Wali Zahid, Haseeb Nisar, Saqib Shehzad, Rao Khalid and Shah Jahan. Also, of immense value was the unwavering support of Amna Ali and Syed Muhammad Tahir , who in their capacity as a personal friends offered their expertise as an assistant editors, especially Syed Muhammad Tahir who researched and wrote special chapter on Holy Prophet (PBUH) as an Entrepreneur. The eagle-eyed professionalism and humorous touch shown towards keeping the momentum going with my entire team proved to be of great support during the long months of seeing this book through the press.

I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the executive committee which comprises people who have always been with me through all rough and rocky times, and have helped transform this idea into reality. People like Mr. Ahmed Husnain, Mr. Kamran Rizvi, Mr. Arif Ansari, Mr. Ahmed Qureshi, Mr. Rizwan Ali Shah, Mr. Atif Tufail, and Mr. Danish Shehryar are the real strength behind every success that has been achieved so far.

Here, I am forever grateful to the contributors and writers; without their valuable input, the flesh of the book would have gone amiss. We all know that in the hectic routine of today’s life, it is very difficult to take out time even for oneself, but...
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