10 Years Old Children Prefer to Watch Cartoons Rather Than Other Tv Shows

Topics: Television, Television program, Child Pages: 20 (7322 words) Published: September 8, 2010
10 years old children prefer to watch cartoons rather than other TV shows Marcela Reyes Quintana
Claudia Arteaga Gómez
Jessica Morales Martínez
Danaee Jiménez Guevara
Sebastián Ortega Uribe
Sebastián Díaz Carvalledo

Universidad del Valle de México

Professor: Sergio Bautista

31 / 05 / 2010

Since the last decades, mass media has taken a big role on any society that exists nowadays. It is of great importance because of many reasons. One of them being because thanks to them information can be spread throughout the world in a matter of seconds. In a way this type of media unites the world more than anything, especially when we talk about the TV. For sure in most houses of every country, there is a TV present. And as in most families, there are also children present. Now, what happens if you unite both, TV and children? Well what you get is an excellent way of distracting a kid. For some reason (or reasons) kids are always really curious about TV, you will always see a child watching it maybe even for hours. What interests us the most is to know the reasons why this little kids love to watch TV, but not any type of program, but particularly cartoons. For sure cartoons are really entertaining; many people (even adults) still enjoy watching a cartoon every now and then. By watching this type of shows that aren´t really complex to understand, full of colors, movements, and many other stimulus for the senses, it helps kids to relax, feel comfortable and even laugh. Thing which they can´t do when watching for example a novel, because they are more full of drama and real-cases type of stories which they are just too young to understand and since they are in contact with reality when they aren´t watching TV, what they less want to see on TV is what they see in their everyday lives.


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Small children prefer to watch cartoons instead of tv series, news or even movies because they find them more interesting in many aspects. First of all because they aren´t as long as movies that have an approximate duration of about an hour and a half, while cartoons just last half an hour more less. Second because cartoons don´t have a really elaborated plot [1]; they are simple and easy to follow for kids, while combining the idea that cartoons have a lot of stimulus such as vibrant colors and different forms that keep those young minds really entertained. Children of around 10 years old start taking conscience about their age and that they are not longer little kids, but its real own mind its still of a kid. Like they still have a mind of a kid they are still more interested on cartoons because they find it more attractive to watch and understand. Also as they have more comprehension they can start analyzing the real meaning of the cartoons and all the values that it may transmit without taking it very serious or complicated as a movie. Some kids can start creating their own identity and since they don´t want it to be like the ones of grown-ups, they feel really attracted too cartoons because they are so unreal that they try to copy the attitudes seen in them. There are many reasons why this essay is important:

First of all because it will...
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