10 Ways to Improve Your Personality

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10 Ways To Improve Your Personality

Contrary to what you may believe, you can improve your personality. The "personality" is the typical pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaviors that make a person unique. When we say that someone has a "good personality" we mean that they are likeable, interesting and pleasant to be with. Everyone wants to be attractive to others. Having a good personality helps - probably even more so than good looks. While we can improve our looks to only a certain extent, we can work on improving the personality as much as we want. Here are some ways in which we can accomplish this:

1.Be a better listener.
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was considered one of the most charming women in the world because she cultivated the skill of being an exceptional listener. She was known for the way she would look a person in the eyes, hang on their every word, and make them feel important. There is nothing more appealing than having someone listen to you intently making you feel like you're the only person in the world. 2.Read more and expand your interests.

The more you read and cultivate new interests, the more interesting you are to others. When you meet new people it gives you the opportunity to share what you know and to exchange your views with them. 3.Be a good conversationalist.

This relates to how much you read and know. Once you have much to contribute, learn how to talk about it with others. No one can read about or know everything, so it's refreshing to learn from others those things we don't have the time to about read ourselves. If you happen to be shy, join a group like Toastmasters that encourages you to talk about what you know. 4.Have an Opinion.

There is nothing more tiresome than trying to talk to someone who has no opinion on anything. A conversation has nowhere to go if you have nothing to expound on. If, however, you have an uncommon point of view or differing opinion, you are more interesting and stimulating to be...
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