10 Secrets used to deliver value to customers

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10 Secrets Used To Deliver Value To Customers 3 - 5
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Flaming Wheels is a mobile food truck company that was just established in 2013. This food truck creates and serves a healthy, restaurant quality food and drinks at an affordable price. Currently situated in SS15, an area filled with university students which are also the main target customers for this food truck company. Flaming Wheels is now currently in partnerships with INTI International College, whose School of Business’ students are engaged in an employer project to enhance the Flaming Wheels mobile food cart business. This project incorporates in-depth market research and analysis for Flaming Wheels. The employers’ projects are a real-life business projects by industry partners undertaken by INTI students to boost their communication, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and also indirectly help in produce a marketable and industry savvy graduates. In this report, you will learn more on the secrets used to deliver value to customers and also the recommendation used to ensure productivity, profitability and also survivability of the food truck company, Flaming Wheels. 10 SECRETS USED TO DELIVER VALUE TO CUSTOMERS

The first thing that an entrepreneur can do to deliver value to customers is to be a risk taker. The entrepreneur needs to know how to create and innovate something that is different than what the competitors had in market. For example, running a food truck business is not common here in Malaysia 5 years ago but because of one person decided to make a business using food truck, it shows that the person is brave enough to try something new and obviously it pays off. Other than being a risk taker, and entrepreneur also must have self-discipline. Without discipline, the business will not...
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